Cavity Band Rejection Filter OBR-2441.75-83.5

Cavity Band Rejection Filter OBR-2441.75-83.5

Ocean Microwave Bandstop Filters (Ocean Bandstop Filters, abbreviation:OBR) refer to filters that can pass through most frequency but attenuate some range of frequency to extremely low levels, which is opposite to the concept of band-pass filters. Among them, the notch filter is a special band-stop filter with a very small stop band range and a very high Q Factor.
The product name of this Ocean Bandstop Filters (OBR) is OBR-2441.75-83.5, its Stop Band Frequenc y is 2400~2483.5MHz, Stop Band attenuation is 50dB, its Pass Band Frequency is DC~2375MHz & 2510~5000MHz, and its Pass Band Insertion Loss is2.0dB. Its PassBand Return Loss is 12dB

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OBR 2441.75 83.5 outline Cavity Band Rejection Filter OBR-2441.75-83.5


OBR 2441.75 83.5 plot1 Cavity Band Rejection Filter OBR-2441.75-83.5

Additional information

Center Frequency (F0) (MHz)

Stop Band Min. Frequency (MHz)

Stop Band Max. Frequency (MHz)

Stop Band Attenuation (dB)

Band Min. Frequency (MHz) A

Band Max. Frequency (MHz) A

Band Min. Frequency (MHz) B

Band Max. Frequency (MHz) B

Pass Band Insertion Loss (dB)

Impedance (Ω)

Power Handling (W)

Connection Type


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