Biconic Log Periodic Antennas

EMC Biconic Logarithmic Periodic Antennas

Biconic Logarithmic Periodic Antennas provides a solution to broadband applications as well as Receive and Transmit Applications.
Known by names such as Bicon, Biconicalog, Biconilog, and Bilogical. For its ultra wide band, the EMC emissions and immunity testing use
single Biconic Logarithmic Periodic Antennas (Hybrid LPDA ) rather than using separate antennas.
The Biconic Logarithmic Periodic Antennas (hybrid antenna) has two parts, which called biconical portion and log-periodic portion.
It operates at frequencies from approximately 25 MHz to 2GHz upto 7 GHz.
The log-periodic portion working frequencies from 200 MHz to 2 GHz while the biconical portion covers frequencies from around 25 MHz to roughly 300 MHz.
The Biconic Logarithmic Periodic Antennas (hybrid antenna) use a pair of triangle shape biconical portion which improves the antenna’s low-frequency response.
The RFecho EMC Solutions Hybrid Log Periodic antenna provides unequaled performance over the operating frequency range of 25 MHz to 7 GHz. With high power handling capability makes it the better choice for EMC immunity tests. It features an unprecedented combination of high efficiency, low VSWR, excellent field uniformity, and small size.

Application and standard.
Immunity Measurements
SAE J1113/ISO 11452
SAE J551/ISO 11451

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