RF Connector 1.00mm (W)

RF Connector 1.00mm

RF Connector 1.00mm from the RFecho, are the part of the very wide range of radio frequency interconnect mechanisms.

1.00mm Connector is rugged and durable and containing a 360° elevated grounding ring.

1.00mm connectors have an outer electrode that measures 1.0 mm and an air dielectric with the contact maintained by a short dielectric bead. During influences, the vigorous wall of the connector body is considered to involve before the center conductor, promising a rugged, repeatable mating interface.

1.00mm connectors are male and female in genders and cover the frequency range from 18GHz to 110GHz.

Mounting available in 1.00mm connectors are 2-hole, 4-hole and Thread-In-Step-Thread were to accept pin diameter are 0.009.

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