RF switch

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The RF switch is a device to route high-frequency signals through transmission paths. RF (radio frequency) and microwave switches are used extensively in microwave systems for signal routing between instruments and devices.

RF switch from RFecho is one of a huge selection of coaxial switch products supplied to radio, Rfecho Coaxial Switch is commonly used in antenna and other types of RF components、 5G communication test, 5G communication fiber Optics, wireless terminal automatic test、Space communication system、RF signal control of precision measuring equipment and radar transmitter、Communication and guidance system、Relevant test of optical communication module、 Wireless Infrastructure, RF Microwave & VSAT, Test and measurement Instrumentation.

RF switches from RFecho have High frequency, Up to 90GHz.

Low loss, Low VSWR:

High isolation:


Long service life:

High transmission power:

Rich types, include SPDT、DPDT、SP4T、SP6T、SP10T、SP12T、SP24T etc.

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