Dual Polarized Horn Antenna

Dual Polarized Horn Antennas

Dual polarized horn antennas

Dual Polarized Horn Antenna(Quad-Ridged Horn Antenna) with dual linear polarized is characterized by high gain and symmetric beam. The antenna is machined with one lump of copper, making the ridges of the antenna cross at an ideal 90 degrees. The antenna’s cross-polarized isolation is lower than -30 dB. Dual Polarized Horn Antennas with low cross-polarization properties usually uses as radar cross-section (RCS) antenna arrays. In addition, Dual Polarized Horn Antennas support the dual linear polarized waveforms. This antenna is also used as the Compact Antenna Test Range (CATR) or satellite reflector antenna’s feed antenna.

The Dual Polarized Horn Antenna of RFecho offers frequencies of 1GHz to 3GHz, 2GHz to 6GHz, 6GHz to 18GHz, 18GHz to 40GHz, and 22GHz to 44GHz with a nominal gain of 8-20dBi. The impedance of 50 Ohms, with the N-type connectors,2.92mm connectors, or SMA connectors.

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