RFecho’s Phase Stable Test Cables allow customers to make accurate repeatable measurements due to the cables phase and amplitude stability when flexed. The OM-195TC cable has a max phase deviation of +/- 4 at 26.5 GHz reducing any measurement error introduced by the test cables during product evaluation.

The OM-195TC test cables use a solid PTFE dielectric core to help prevent any change in diameter under flexure resulting in good insertion loss and low VSWR. These cables are designed to exceed 5,000 mating cycles when handled with proper care. This series of cables are an excellent choice for the laboratory or production environment when a more precise measurement is needed, especially when there is movement involved in the testing cycle. Flexible coax has a solid FEP resulting in an 83% phase velocity, where the max VSWR is 1.3:1. The ruggedness of the cables for use in more demanding test environments. Shielding efficiency of this cable is >90 db.

OM-195TC coax and RoHS from RFecho is one of a huge selection of coaxial cables for radio, antenna and interconnect with RF components RF coaxial cable assembly products are designed for typical use, production, laboratory test and measurement, defense / military, aerial antenna towers, etc.

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