RF Adapters

Among RF Components, RFecho supplies premium quality with a wide range of RF Adapters. They are used in the connection between the instrument cables with a different interface. The adapter can be used in applications requiring dissimilar RF interfaces to be connected. RFecho’s adapter is passive components and used to transmit signals from one connector interface to another.
RFecho’s Adapter offers the impedance of 50 ohms, where the durability of 500 cycles. The adapter operates from -55℃ up to +165℃. RFecho’s Adapter wide range includes TNC Adapters, TNCA Adapter, BNC Adapters, N Adapters, SMA Adapters, SSMA Adapters, 3.5mm Adapters, 2.92mm Adapters, 2.4mm Adapters, 1.85mm Adapters, 7/16 Adapters, APC-7 Adapters, NC Adapters and NCA Adapters. RFecho’s RF adapters are available in male, female, jack, plug, and sexless genders.
RFecho offers the two types of RF Adapters, IN Series Adapters and Between Series Adapters. A few of the highlights of RF Cables are:

  • Frequency Range: DC to 65 GHz
  • VSWR: 1.10 to 1.25
  • IN Series and Between Series
  • On-demand supply
  • Quick delivery

In Series RF Adapter have the same connector configuration on either side of the adapter. Some examples are SMA Male to Female, SMA Male to Male, N-Type Male to Female and so on. Between Series RF Adapters have different connector configurations on either side of the adapter. For instance, SMA Male to N-Type Female, BNC Female to N-Type Male, etc. These RF Adapters have different connector configurations.
Another RF Adapter type is a Waveguide to Coax Adapter. This is another type of adapter that has a connector interface on one side and a waveguide interface on the other side. They are used to connect waveguide components to regular RF systems.
If you can’t find your required adapter on our website, your custom order is just a form away. Get in contact with our technical department. We have a wide range of adapters that would fulfill your requirements.

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