RF Connector 1.85mm (V)

RF Connector 1.85 mm (V)

RF Connector 1.85 mm from the RFecho, is the part of the very wide range of radio frequency interconnect mechanisms.1.85mm(v)connector and adapters are presented in end launch along with similar sequence adapters.

The border uses a mostly air-dielectric with a support bead that is set back in the body of the connector to reduce bead interaction in a coupled pair. their body has been designed to confirm that the outer electrodes involve before the center electrodes make contact.

1.85mm connectors are male and female in genders and cover the frequency range from 18GHz to 67GHz.Flange size of 1.85mm (V) connectors are 0 375 Square, 0.500 Square, 0 .500 Long, 0 .500 Long and 0.625 Long, mountings are 2-hole, 4-hole, and Thread in. Accept pin diameter available in 1.85mm connectors are 0.009 and 0.012.

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