The isolator is a two-port device having extremely low insertion loss in forwards direction and extremely high insertion loss in the reverse direction. Isolators are primarily employed to prevent against high-power reflection and to stabilise signal sources or power-sensitive devices from frequency shifts induced by fluctuations in load impedance. Isolators separate one component from another, preventing undesired interactions between components in the transmission line. An ideal isolator totally absorbs the power for propagation in one direction while providing lossless transmission in the opposite direction and improving microwave generator frequency stability.

Why Rfecho

Rfecho designs and manufactures RF and microwave isolators in coaxial, drop-in, high power, micro strip, SMD, and waveguide series for a variety of applications. These products provide very low insertion loss, good isolation across temperature and power, and solutions with a very wide frequency spectrum. From concept to final product manufacture and testing, comprehensive internal abilities have been built. These high-performance components are highly compact, weather resistant, and have been tested in the worst circumstances encountered at sea, air, land, or space. Our commitment to technical advancement, combined with expertise in ferrite and dielectric materials, guarantees that our products are always at the cutting edge of microwave technology.

Rfecho is dedicated to giving its customers the best possible degree of pleasure. We are aware of the demands each new application has, as well as the expectations of our clients. Rfecho can meet all customer needs with the best design and available customizable solutions. If you need more help or if the sought solution is not provided on this page, please contact us. We can handle any requirement, from the first request to the finished output.

Please choose from the products listed below, or just tell us your application requirements, and we’ll select the option that best fits your requirements or custom-design something to satisfy your needs while maintaining a high standard of quality and affordability.

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