Cavity Backed Spiral Antenna

Cavity Backed Spiral Antenna

Cavity Backed Spiral Antenna is proposed for inflight applications like EW Systems and they are capable of enduring high environmental stress without presentation dilapidation.

Cavity Spiral Antenna a be amplitude, phase, and gain tracking antennas. The antenna covers the frequency range from 1GHz to 18GHz. The gain in Antenna is from -2.0 dBi to 3.8 dBi and the VSWR is 2.5:1 max

The antenna has the advantages of a low profile, a planar aperture, no phase center offset, near-constant beamwidth across the frequency band, normally symmetrical radiation beam-width, extreme flexibility for carrying, and lightweight.
The servant ages render the antenna a very good candidate for electronic-warfare, direction-finding, telemetry and surveillance systems, as well as flush-mounted airborne applications.  The antenna can be used as a broadband feed for reflector antennas.

Cavity Antenna Application is Satellite communications, Personal mobile communications, Electronic Warfare, Direction Finding, Telemetry and Surveillance Systems, Embedded Airborne Applications

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