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UMCX 2.5 Plug to UMCX 2.5 Plug OM-113 Coax and RoHS F007-451S0-451S0-58-N

UMCX 2.5 ultra-miniature cable assemblies have a mated connection height of 2.5mm. They are constructed using a flexible micro-coax cable and are comparable in design to
Hirose U.FL®, IPEX MHF® as well as other UMCX connector and cable manufactures.

UMCX 2.5 cables can be ordered in between-series configurations with Female Bulkhead versions of SMA, Reverse Polarity SMA and Type N connectors as well as an SMA Male option. With frequencies up to 6 GHz, these UMCX cables are perfectly suited for wireless communications such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, ZigBee and LTE


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