NXTCOMM Opens New Antenna Production Facility in Georgia

NXTCOMM Opens New Antenna Production Facility in Georgia

NXTCOMM Opens New Antenna Production Facility in Georgia


NXT Communications Corporation, a new wireless connectivity company in metro Atlanta, announced that it has opened a new 10,000-square-foot production facility that will produce the first cost-efficient, commercially viable electronically steered antenna to meet worldwide demand for affordable broadband connectivity on the move.

Situated in Cherokee County, Georgia, the facility will produce next-generation, satellite broadband antennas for the satellite, aviation, trucking, and other mobility and fixed wireless markets. The location will house executive management and administration, engineering, supply chain, quality, production, integration, assembly, and test capabilities. 

NXTComm is excited to open its facility in Georgia, transportation, logistics, and aerospace hub nurtured by leading R&D institutions like Georgia Tech, strong engineering, and technical schools, and a tech-savvy workforce.

NXTCOMM is initially targeting airline inflight connectivity and land mobile applications such as rail and trucking fleets and first responders. The commercial market for connected equipment and services across aviation, maritime, land-mobile, and connected vehicle industries combined is expected to exceed $500B in the next 10 to 15 years.

Many satellite equipment manufacturers have struggled to solve the ground segment challenge of delivering efficient and high-performance electronically steered antennas needed for broadband applications. 

Unlike traditional antenna designs, their antennas are modular by design and easily mass-producible in any form factor to meet global demand for wireless connectivity. The goal is to drive production efficiencies with the next-generation, modular, high-performing antenna designs, a lower-cost product, and connectivity service solutions supporting the mobile connectivity marketplace. Officials plan to begin over-the-air testing of the aero antenna in the fourth quarter with initial low-rate production in early 2021.

NXTCOMM intends to introduce other products and services to comms-on-the-move markets in the next year and will add 50 full-time positions, half of which will be specialized engineering roles, in the next 18 months.

Cherokee Office of Economic Development is excited to have NXTCOMM in Cherokee and look forward to furthering partnerships and much success as they continue to empower connectivity within the satellite and mobility markets.