5G-Capable Small Cell Antennas for High Speed Connectivity

5G-Capable Small Cell Antennas for High Speed Connectivity

5G-Capable Small Cell Antennas for High Speed Connectivity


Deutsche Telekom is working with HUBER+SUHNER to prepare its network for the introduction of 5G small cell antennas. The Swiss company has developed five small cell antennas for Deutsche Telekom that support 4G and 5G frequencies. The SENCITY Urban antennas cover the frequency range from 1.7 to 4.2 GHz and boast optimized performance and enable flexible installation, which enables the network within urban areas to be switched over to 5G with ease. Small cells are small amplifiers for the mobile communication network. They enable the targeted expansion of data throughput in locations where a large number of customers are on the move or surfing.

The new small cell antennas are initially operating in Deutsche Telekom’s 4G network. Once the 5G spectrum is available, the small cells can be upgraded to 5G in just a few simple steps. SENCITY Urban antennas will be used for the first time in Kiel, Lüneburg, Osnabrück, Munich, and Mülheim.

In the future, small cells will play an increased role in Deutsche Telekom’s network. Within the area they cover, they provide a significant increase in data capacity. Currently, up to an additional 150 Mbps. The new antenna types from HUBER+SUHNER feature MIMO technology (Multiple Input Multiple Output), which enables a further increase in quality. This technology uses multiple antennas – both at the transmitter and at the receiving device – to provide higher data throughput.

The small cell antennas from HUBER+SUHNER can be installed on public telephone boxes, bus stops, walls or lighting installations. Different types of antennas and housings are available to meet specific needs. These include omnidirectional antennas for market places and directional antennas for narrow streets.

Small cells are required to provide future 4G and 5G coverage in urban areas. In combination with traditional mast locations, small cells provide the network coverage and capacity needed to support an ever-increasing number of wireless devices. SENCITY Urban antennas are very compact and can be easily installed in existing infrastructures. This saves space and enables high-performance future networks. 

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