Antenna Monitoring System from Spinner for Broadcasting Sites Saves Time and Money

Antenna Monitoring System from Spinner for Broadcasting Sites Saves Time and Money

Antenna Monitoring System from Spinner for Broadcasting Sites Saves Time and Money


Spinner, a leading provider of innovative standard products and customized solutions, has recently launched its Antenna Monitoring System (AMS) that has now become a best practice at every broadcasting site. The system protects the infrastructure by detecting faults early on and triggers preventive maintenance before serious failure can occur. The company has also expanded AMS’ functionality to not only warn the customer about the problem but also to locate it for fast repair, saving both time and money. AMS’ new fault detection method complements Spinner’s existing patented method.

Some of the Features of Spinner’s Antenna Measurement System:

High Accuracy

The new distance-to-fault feature works in any broadcasting sites independently of its standard, power level. It is a completely passive solution with no additional signal being injected into the antenna line. It can locate any fault longer than 100 µs with a distance accuracy of 2 meters, regardless of the antenna’s height.

Dual Measurement

This dual measurement approach ensures very high reliability and accuracy while detecting all arcing types, including those that don’t cause VSWR degradation. 

Remote Monitoring

Nowadays, remote monitoring is of key importance at broadcasting sites. The AMS lets customers to monitor their antenna system from wherever they are. The new version also makes distance-to-fault information available anywhere. It is graphically presented in real-time on their web-interface, as well sent via SNMP. All the data are logged and can be accessed at any time for further analysis.

All-Indoor Installation

The system is still an all indoor solution. Like the previous model, it only requires a single AMS detector (available as U-link or line section) for each antenna line and one AMS control unit for up to two antenna lines. For the distance-to-fault feature, an additional measuring coupler with two available ports (forward and reflected) is needed for each antenna line. These are connected to the AMS control unit via two N-Ports. If customers want to upgrade their existing antenna monitoring system, all they have to do is replace the control unit.

The distance-to-fault feature makes the antenna monitoring system even more powerful. It helps to speed up the repair, cut maintenance costs, and most importantly, saves time. 

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