RF Connector 1.00mm

RF Connector 1.00mm from the RFecho, are the part of the very wide range of radio frequency interconnect mechanisms.

1.00mm Connector is rugged and durable and containing a 360° elevated grounding ring.

1.00mm connectors have an outer electrode that measures 1.0 mm and an air dielectric with the contact maintained by a short dielectric bead. During influences, the vigorous wall of the connector body is considered to involve before the center conductor, promising a rugged, repeatable mating interface.

1.00mm connectors are male and female in genders and cover the frequency range from 18GHz to 110GHz.

Mounting available in 1.00mm connectors are 2-hole, 4-hole and Thread-In-Step-Thread were to accept pin diameter are 0.009.

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