Switched Multi-Beam Portion of 5G Smart Antenna Market to Reach $3.1 Billion by 2024

Switched Multi-Beam Portion of 5G Smart Antenna Market to Reach $3.1 Billion by 2024

Switched Multi-Beam Portion of 5G Smart Antenna Market to Reach $3.1 Billion by 2024


Leading market research analysts, ResearchAndMarkets.com, has released a new market forecast report on the global 5G smart antenna market for the period from 2019 to 2024. The report evaluates the smart antenna market including key players, technologies, and solutions. It also includes analysis of product and service strategy for smart antenna vendors.

The report evaluates the role and importance of smart antennas in terms of 5G network optimization including data speed enhancement and error rate reduction. It evaluates and provides forecasts for the smart antenna market by Type (SIMO, MISO, MIMO), connectivity, and application globally and regionally.

Smart antenna arrays use Multiple Input / Multiple Output (MIMO) at both the source (transmitter) and the destination (receiver) to improve signal quality. This is in contrast to non-array systems in which a single antenna (and signal path) is used at the source and the destination. The market for smart antennas is nothing new as they provide efficient coverage for 2G, 3G, and LTE. However, 5G smart antennas will be necessary to provide mobility support for many new and enhanced apps and services such as virtual reality, self-driving cars, connected vehicles, and Voice over 5G (Vo5G).

Once 5G networks are operational, continuous Vo5G coverage will be facilitated by directing RF where it is needed communications. In absence of 5GNR for Voice over NR (VoNR) coverage, Vo5G calls will need to hand-over to LTE, analogous to how LTE handover to 3G was accounted for in 4G deployments. However, there is a big difference. Unlike LTE, which is becoming increasingly ubiquitous (especially in metro areas), 5GNR will be more constrained and thus needing smart antennas to direct RF signals to optimize QoE for VoNR.

The anticipated global market for SIMO (Single Input Multiple Output), MISO (Multiple Input Single Output), and MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) 5G smart antennas will be $1.9 M, $1.6 M, and $1.3 M respectively by 2024. These systems will support a variety of applications including many advanced enterprise solutions and industrial automation services. The global market for switched multi-beam 5G smart antenna solutions could reach $3.1 B by 2024. However, adaptive array systems will grow over 50% faster than multi-beam technology, eventually overtaking market share.

The report also assesses 5G smart antenna support of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, providing forecasts for IoT applications. It includes detailed revenue forecasts as well as projected smart antenna shipments from 2019-2024.

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