Standard Gain Horn Antenna

RFecho is home to precisely designed and manufactured Standard gain horn antennas. At RFecho, we specialize in producing the highest quality standard gain horn antennas for every possible need. Standard Gain Horn Antenna has an extensive variety of applications, as transmitting and sampling antennas. The absolute gain of a standard gain horn is calculable from the flare sizes. also known as microwave horn antennas or gain horn antennas.

RFecho’s standard gain horn antennas are manufactured with the clients need in mind. We know business needs and offer the best when it comes to horn antennas. Our gain horn antennas have linear polarization. The material in standard horn antennas is AI or Cu. The impedance used the horn antenna is 50 ohms. We strive to provide with the best possible antenna solutions. A few of the highlights of our standard gain horn antennas are:

  • Available from 2.6 to 33 GHz
  • Nominal Gain is up to 25 dBi
  • Circular and Square Flanges
  • Gain calibration is accurate to 0.5 dB over full waveguide bandwidth
  • Made with precise dimensional tolerance control.

Standard Gain Horn Antennas or microwave horn antennas is exactness components providing precise and repeatable gain references. Standard Gain Horn Antennas covers the frequency range from 0.96GHz to 12.40GHz, the gain is from 10 to 25. Waveguide includes WR-112, WR-137, WR-159, WR-187, WR-284, WR-34, WR-340, WR-42, WR-430, WR-51, WR-62, WR-650, WR–75, WR-770 and WR-90.

Standard gain horn antennas are manufactured with highly close tolerances to make sure the precision of every horn manufactured by RFecho. It is manufactured using the precision electrode cut copper sections providing accurate, consistent and reliable performance. This is crucial when you require the best quality standard gain horn antennas. Popular applications include antenna array, ground testing, radio communication in Radar industry. These SGH Antennas can also be used in spectrum monitoring in signal processing and EMI-EMF-EMC testing and measurements.

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