ETS-Lindgren Showcases its 5G mmWave Antenna Measurement System

ETS-Lindgren Showcases its 5G mmWave Antenna Measurement System

ETS-Lindgren Showcases its 5G mmWave Antenna Measurement System


ETS-Lindgren, at the recent IEEE EMC+SIPI event, showcased its latest 5G mmWave Antenna Measurement System. The event, which was held in New Orleans, LA, was a gathering place for leading experts in EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) and the Signal & Power Integrity industry.

With Professor Gabriel Rebeiz of the University of California at San Diego (UCSD) presenting the keynote address on “5G and the Rise of Directive Communications: The End of the Marconi Era is Near,” 5G mmWave performance verification testing was a popular topic during the symposium week. As an industry leader in antenna measurement solutions for the testing of wireless devices, ETS-Lindgren’s wireless experts presented in the symposium technical program and provided a hand’s on learning opportunity with a demonstration featuring the Model AMS-5700, a Compact 5G Antenna Measurement System, and a Gapwaves 5G mmWave antenna.

James Young, Director of Business Development with ETS-Lindgren, conducted a demonstration that showed an effective isotropic radiated power (EIRP) and power spectral density (PSD) measurement solution for a 5G mmWave radiating device, as required by FCC Part 30. According to Young, the lack of antenna ports now drives these formerly conducted tests to a radiated test environment. Additional FCC Part 30, ETSI 400 coexistence tests, such as modulation accuracy, adjacent-band or out-of-band measurements, must also adapt to a radiated test procedure when applied to 5G devices, making this demonstration applicable to nearly any EMC lab that handles wireless intentional transmitters.

The demonstration highlighted the challenges associated with evaluating emissions and immunity compliance on 5G New Radio (NR) devices and gNodeB base stations that utilize beamforming antennas and mmWave communication. The Gapwaves 5G mmWave antenna shown in the demonstration was a 28 GHz active antenna that enables an extremely low loss, high efficiency and compact mmWave antenna. The all metal waveguide assembly makes it ideal for high power, high EIRP applications as the power devices are efficiently thermally coupled to the antenna acting as a heat sink.

Gapwaves originates from research conducted at Chalmers University of Technology and was founded in 2011 in Gothenburg, Sweden. The company’s vision is to be the most innovative provider of mm-Wave antenna systems and the preferred partner to those pioneering next generation wireless technology. Primary markets are mmWave in 5G telecom and automotive.

Below is a short video of the ETS AMS-5700 and Gapwaves antenna.

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