Dual Polarized Horn Antenna

Dual polarized horn antennas are offered as both standard and custom models with rectangular waveguide borders for both plane and vertical ports.Dual polarized horn antennas support the linear and the elliptical polarized waveforms as well.When the antenna obtains a circular polarized waveform, equal amplitude linear polarized waveforms are output at both plane and vertical ports.

Dual polarized horn antennas offer the frequencies of 1GHz, 2GHz, 6GHz, 18GHz, 22GHz, 40GHz and 44GHz with a nominal gain of 8dBi, 11dBi, 13dBi, 14dBi, 15dBi, 17dBi, 18dBi and 20dBi, with the impedance of 50 Ohms.In Dual polarized horn antennas connections type are 2 -2.92mm Connectors, 2 SMA Connectors and the SMA Connectors.

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