Millimeter SGH Antenna

Millimeter SGH Antenna

RFecho’s Millimeter SGH Antenna also known as pyramidal gain horns that cover the frequencies of 26.5GHz, 33GHz, 40GHz, 50GHz, 60GHz, 75GHz, 90GHz, 110GHz, 140GHz, 170GHz, 220GHz, 260GHz and 325GHz with the nominal gain of 10dBi, 13dBi, 15dBi, 17dBi, 20dBi, 23dBi, and 25dBi.Millimeter SGH Antennas also offers the Impedance of 50 Ohms, the material used is Cu(copper). The typical 3dB Beam-width in E-plan are 10-degree, 11-degree, 18-degree, 25-degree, 26-degree, 39-degree, 39-degree and the 55-degree wherein the H-plan are 10-degree, 13 degrees, 18degree, 25-degree, 30-degree, 41-degree and 55-degree.

The waveguide in Millimeter SGH Antennas are WR-03, WR-04, WR-05, WR-06, WR-08, WR-10, WR-12, WR-15, WR-19, WR-22 and WR-28, where the polarization is linear. Flange size in Millimeter SGH Antennas is UG-383/U Flange, UG-383/U-M Flange, UG-385/U Flange, UG-387/U Flange. UG-387/U-M Flange and the UG-599/U Flange.

These horn antennas measure gain for other antennas by comparing the signal level of a test antenna to the standard gain horn.

What’s more, conical standard gain horns are best suited for applications requiring a small, inexpensive antenna capable of polarization diversity.

OLH horns have typical beamwidth are 55°, 30°,18°,10°, and the typical mid-band gain are 24 dBi,20 dBi,15 dBi,10

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