RF Cavity Filters

RFecho’s Cavity Filters are known for their low insertion loss and higher power handling ability. RF Cavity filters are one of many types of RF Filters, and are one of the fundamental building blocks of modern communications systems. Cavity filters are the basic circuitry behind a duplexer and are sharply tuned resonant circuit that allow only certain frequencies to pass. Cavity filters are resonant filter utilized for passing the desired RF signals within a specified frequency range or rejecting RF signals within a range of frequencies. The resonant cavity inside these filters can be made from strong materials, like highly conductive and dimensionally stable metals, to dependably perform for a long time.
RFecho manufactures premium quality RF Cavity Filter and products technical support to customer for matching the exact requirement of the application.
RFecho’s Cavity Filters are in four types, Low Pass Filter, High Pass Filter, Cavity Band Rejection Filter and Cavity Band Pass Filter respectively.
A few of the highlights of RF Cavity Filters are:

  • Increase peak power handling
  • Reduced Size
  • Lightweight
  • Enhanced Rejection
  • Minimal Temperature Drift

RF Cavity Filter selection varies greatly depending on the application i.e. size, power handling, frequency range, noise addition etc. Popular use of these filters include television, mobile, satellite communications, and radar applications. RFecho provides from individual product to solution package for your requirements.

RF Cavity Filters Categories

Cavity Band Pass Filter

SKUCenter Frequency (F0) (MHz)Min. Pass Band Frequency (MHz)Max. Pass Band Frequency (MHz)Pass Band Insertion Loss (dB)Stop Band RejectionImpedance (Ω)Power Handling (W)Connection TypeBuy

Cavity Band Rejection Filter

SKUCenter Frequency (F0) (MHz)Stop Band Min. Frequency (MHz)Stop Band Max. Frequency (MHz)Stop Band Attenuation (dB)Band Min. Frequency (MHz) ABand Max. Frequency (MHz) ABand Min. Frequency (MHz) BBand Max. Frequency (MHz) BPass Band Insertion Loss (dB)Impedance (Ω)Power Handling (W)Connection TypeBuy

High Pass Filter

SKUMin. Pass Band Frequency (GHz)Max. Pass Band Frequency (GHz)VSWRImpedance (Ω)Power Handling (W)Connection TypeSurface FinishBuy

Low Pass Filter

SKUCut Off Frequency (GHz)Min. Pass Band Frequency (GHz)Max. Pass Band Frequency (GHz)Pass Band Insertion Loss (dB)Min. 1.0 dB Insertion LossMax. 1.0 dB Insertion LossMin. 1.5 dB Insertion LossMax. 1.5 dB Insertion LossPass Band Return Loss (dB)Pass Band VSWR (Max.)Stop Band Attenuation (GHz)Impedance (Ω)Power Handling (W)Connection TypeSurface FinishBuy

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