Aerial antenna OGGG-BD-36-P

Aerial antenna OGGG-BD-36-P

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OGGG-BD-36-P is a four-system multi-frequency point aviation antenna that supports GPS, BDS, GLONASS, and GALILEO, which can be widely used in surveying and mapping, high-precision unmanned machine, vehicle-mounted, and other industries, especially suitable for many applications of uncrewed aerial vehicles, such as agriculture, aerial photography, telemetry, disaster monitoring, patrol, security monitoring, power line patrol, etc. Its technical characteristics include high passive antenna gain, beam width, good reception effect of low elevation signals, and everyday star collection in environments with severe occlusion; The passive antenna operating frequency bandwidth can well support multi-system multi-frequency point work, especially the B3 frequency point of global networking, which significantly improves the stability of the system; Tiny size, lightweight, reliable structure, after assembly protection level up to IP67, a single antenna to meet IP65, significantly improving the reliability of the UAV machine, such as waterproof, impact and so on; The antenna has high out-of-band rejection, which can effectively avoid system instability caused by signal interference such as communication base stations.

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