Cavity Band Pass OBP-2462-20-A

Cavity Band Pass OBP-2462-20-A

Ocean Microwave band-pass filter (Ocean band-pass filter,abbreviation:OBP) is a filter that allows waves of specific frequency
band to pass through while rejecting other frequency bands.
The product name of this Ocean band-pass filter (OBP) is OBP-2462-20-A,its Center Frequency(F0) is 2462MHz, its Pass Band Bandwidth is2452~2472MHz, its Pass Band Insertion Loss is ≤2.5dB, and its Pass BandVSWR is ≤1.4:1. Its Stop Band frequency is DC~2448MHz &2476~5000MHz. The Stop Band Rejection is: ≥30dB

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OBP 2462 20 A outline Cavity Band Pass OBP-2462-20-A


OBP 2462 20 A plot1 Cavity Band Pass OBP-2462-20-A

Additional information

Center Frequency (F0) (MHz)

Min. Pass Band Frequency (MHz)

Max. Pass Band Frequency (MHz)

Pass Band Insertion Loss (dB)

Stop Band Rejection

Impedance (Ω)

Power Handling (W)

Connection Type


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