RF Filter Lowpass OWBP-15002200-51

RF Filter Lowpass OWBP-15002200-51

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Model OWBP-15002200-51 is a WR-51 waveguide lowpass filter with a passband frequency from 15 to 22 GHz and a rejection frequency 25 to 40 GHz.

Due to the waveguide cut off nature, the low side of the filter has rejection range of DC to 12 GHz. The filter provides a nominal insertion loss of 1.0 dB across its passband and a typical rejection of 40 dB. Since the high end cutoff frequency can be changed by modifying the design, custom designs can be offered under different model numbers




OWBP 15002200 51 outline RF Filter Lowpass OWBP-15002200-51


OWBP 15002200 51 plot1 RF Filter Lowpass OWBP-15002200-51

Additional information

Filter Type

Min Pass Band Freq. (GHz)

Max Pass Band Freq. (GHz)

Insertion Loss (dB)

Rejection (dB)

Max Rejection Freq. Lowside

Min Rejection Freq. Highside

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